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"Aww, look how cool

my portfolio is!"


"Look who I’ve been working for!" 🤙

...But we can find all

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So what if I show
you my UI approach? 🤘

01 - Ux Kickoff

But what if I click here…?

When you enter the UI stage of a project, a meeting with the UX DESIGNER is essential. We need a detailed presentation of all UX designer’s work in order to make the most of all the data collected in his several research and analysis. The development department has to be present at the meeting, so as to be updated from the very start of the project.

Hmm, a helmet, an ice-cream, a green wall…

After obtaining all the materials from the UX Designer, here’s the MOODBOARD, the first step of the UI stage. The moodboard is fundamental to create a graphic design of the project, and to share with the client what kind of mood we’re planning to use.

02 - Moodboard

03 - Concept

What was the colour to put in?

We need to realise the mood. The CONCEPT CREATION is essential to establish a graphic guide. The concept puts together all the colours, the fonts and the style images we want to use for the project.

Why is this button bigger than that one?

The various elements we defined with the concept must be ordered in a ad hoc DESIGN SYSTEM . A Design System helps to have a real library of each element of the project, from the font style to the several types of icons. The library needs to be gradually built and updated with the different mockups.

04 - Design System

05 - Prototype

Can i click here?

A mockup must be PROTOTYPED, so we can do some user testings and we can figure out if all the elements we’ve created are making a logical and harmonic sense.

A rotation?

A static mockup is a good result in most cases, but if we want to get as close as possible to the end result, the ANIMATIONS help a lot in the development phase, also because they enable us to give a more complete picture to the client.

06 - Animations

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